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Losing and being happy

Grandma Friends - Losing and being happy - Losing and being happy

You don't mess with these guys, they are poker pros and will take you to the cleaners almost right away. The granny, however, seemed to have an agenda of her own. Watch the mean, masculine studs take turns smoking their cigars and making the granny lose – for which she took more and more of her clothes. When there was nothing else to take off, she had to offer her holes for a humiliating fuck, and damn, she enjoyed that! See the dumb old bitch all drowned in manly juice here. She lost, but she was happy!

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Unexpected exchange

Grandma Friends - Unexpected exchange - Unexpected exchange

The buddies just could not miss this hottie. Blonde, tanned, and wearing such revealing clothes! They used all their charms and got her address. Tomorrow they went there, and it was a house in the country. Imagine their surprise when the door opened and the granny standing in the hallway opens her robe! Crazy! The guys realized checking out this older sexpot could be even more fun. She did great! Watch her milk the two buddies taking their shafts from every angle and enjoying their full creamy loads up her throat and old wrinkled pussy.

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A robbery gone emotional

Grandma Friends - A robbery gone horny - A robbery gone emotional

The guys hear this granny's place has got some precious stuff to loot. While she's away, they break into the place and start filling their bags with worthy stuff. But what's that? It turns out she's not exactly away! The hot-looking granny catches the poor fucks red-handed. Detention is not an option, so they're totally in her hands. The guys are lucky! It's been a while she had some, so she gets them naked and starts blowing them selflessly. The guys can't believe their luck and get more and more into it, licking her, pounding her, and eventually jizzing her.

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Cuckolded for good

Grandma Friends - Cuckolded for good - Cuckolded for good

The old bitch wasn't getting enough humping in her marriage, so she stepped outside. Watch her pour herself a drink as she's expecting her younger lover. Just as she was getting dizzy from his sex ooze, mouthing his fat one, her hubby showed up. Oh, the scandals and the scenes! But soon he got strangely turned on, and ended up teaming with the stud to fuck the shit of his slutty wife. They pretty much managed to do that! See the fat bitch thoroughly double-drilled in her lingerie and facialized two times. A real orgy that was!

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Interviewing a experienced pornstar

Grandma Friends - Interviewing a mature pornstar - Interviewing a experienced pornstar

The guys were doing a story on mature pornstars and found just the right person to interview. This fat older bitch clearly had a reputation in the biz, though she had recently quit. They warmed her up with some nice talk and drinks, and asked their questions. But then the obvious idea came, how they can make the story without the actual sex? Though she had quit, she did not at all mind them playing with her giant milking mounds and filming it. She handled their rods like a pro, taking them from every angle and enjoying a double facial.

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Fixing the machine, fucking the granny

Grandma Friends - Fixing the machine, fucking the granny - Fixing the machine, fucking the granny

The urges were wild, and the granny wasn't thinking that getting someone to fix her washing machine is too obvious a pretext to hook up with hung younger men. The years have flown by, and what could she do! The guys come and deal with the device, and soon they have to deal with the old momma revealing her sizeable rack! That's her way of saying thanks, and they never minded eating some yummy cream from her yummy funbags. Soon, she was eating it from their cocks. Lots of wild fucking took place and soon the cream was of a different sort!

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Necklace for the HR lady

Grandma Friends - Necklace for the HR lady - Necklace for the HR lady

The guys here are on a mission to double-team a hot, mature employment agency worker. The higher her rank, the better! Watch them pretend they are looking for a job and reach this bossy old bitch who barely looks at them from behind her laptop. They get her juices flowing with their smart ambitious talk and soon she has a mouthful of both of them. They start shamelessly doing her right in the office, on the verge of being caught and kicked out! With all her holes wrecked for good with their massive shafts, she finally gets a pearl necklace she deserves, this old slut.

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Artistic practice

Grandma Friends - Artistic practice - Artistic practice

It's great the guys could find a model to practice their painting. Business was not going very good especially for the one who was actually a beginner. This older lady did not want much money so they decided to use her. Well, in every possible way! Watch them realize she was so hot and straightforward they could actually do her, not just draw her. A wild sex scene followed, they sandwiched the hungry lady like crazy, and in the end they painted her all over, first with their own cum and then with some paint. How creative!

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Affluent grannies can have more fun

Grandma Friends - Affluent grannies can have more fun - Affluent grannies can have more fun

When you got money to burn, fun literally comes your way. This sexy granny here wanted some fun to pass away the night. So, she calls up this escort service. Send me two of your best studs, she yells. Well, did they not? Watch as the guys arrive, do their job and then go for some extra stuff. And hell, it's this extra stuff the granny was actually after. Lots of porking and nailing took place that night, and the granny was happy to take double helpings of cock. Well, this is what money can buy, as much cock as you can handle, and more!

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A good party replacement

Grandma Friends - A good party replacement - A good party replacement

The girl brought two of her friends to her place for some booze and a game of cards. She was partying her brains away when mother came in and got totally mad. She told the bitch to get the fuck out of there and go to sleep. Can you imagine what she did next? She tempted the two booze men into fucking the shit out of her old snatch which was well covered in cobwebs by that time! The drunk dudes did not at all mind and gave her a healthy protein snack to down the drinks with.

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